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The instructors at FSTA are expert at working with children from a very young age. We know how to instill discipline while maintaining a fun environment.
Bring your kids, boys or girls, to Fort Smith Taekwondo Academy to check out the training. Take advantage of two free classes to see how your children can benefit.
Lil Dragons are a big deal at FSTA. Starting children as young as three in martial arts can have a significant effect on their growth, both physically and mentally.
Lil Dragons
Ages 3-5
This is an age in which great promise is shown with many students. Parents, wanting to get help with their kids' attitude, physical condition and self confidence often start them in martial arts from age 6-12.

At Fort Smith Taekwondo Academy, we are committed to not only improving your child's physical condition and self image. We are also committed to backing up the qualities that you as a parent want to instill in your children.
Juniors Ages 6 thru 12
Taekwondo is great for teenagers. Numerous promising students from white - black belt train at FSTA.
But it's not FOR just teens.

Whether you're 13 or 73,
Taekwondo is for you.
For improved physical
ability, mental concentration,
confidence, discipline and
self defense:

      Check out FSTA
    Whatever your age,
    you're welcome here
Seniors Ages 13 And Up
55 year old scoring
in a tournament
Father/Son Black Belts
Contact us about martial arts training for you and your family.