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Taekwondo is a martial art system that originated from Korea.  With Taekwondo translating to “the way of the hand and foot”, the Fort Smith Taekwondo Academy emphasizes discipline with hand and foot work.

Today, people engage in Taekwondo classes for different reasons.  It has many diverse applications, such as physical conditioning, discipline, focus, self defense, and many others.

It also provides the opportunity to engage with others and find ways to discover their own inner ability to reveal one’s “self”
Starting your Taekwondo training at first can be intimidating.  Many may fear that they are “out of shape”, too old or not athletically-gifted.

They often have some other reason that distracts them from pursuing something that instills confidence within those who make the commitment to begin.

We disagree with all of the excuses!  From the young child just beginning to use his imagination to the 79 year old man who provides encouragement for all those who begin.
The Fort Smith Taekwondo Academy has proven that anyone with a desire to learn can achieve proficiency.


Students training in Taekwondo are expected to train and live by a set of stated principles in the Student Oath and the Tenets of Taekwondo. A high degree of respect is expected of students of any age toward their instructors, the class seniors, and one another. The Tenets of Taekwondo and the Student Oath are memorized and recited in every class. The TKD Tenets and Oath are desirable character traits in all aspects of life.
Regardless of whether you are male or female; no matter your age or physical condition, Taekwondo can improve your mind, your body and your self confidence. Plus, you can receive those benefits while engaging in a fun, challenging martial arts experience. So bring your spouse, your kids and your friends today to a safe, family environment at the Fort Smith Taekwondo Academy.
All our students advance through Belt Rank Testing
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