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Williamsburg Square, 4120 Rogers Avenue, Suite 3-B, Fort Smith, AR 72903
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Welcome To Fort Smith Taekwondo Academy

         Your martial arts training center in the River Valley

Since 1975  Fort Smith Taekwondo Academy has served it's community and families with it's National and International affiliations.  Then in 1999 Fort Smith Taekwondo Academy changed and brought with it a New Instructor.

The school brought you the very best in Black Belt Leadership Training, developing highly skilled Black Belt Leaders. They continue to be leaders beyond the martial arts world and into our community. Through our Taekwondo curriculum, Fort Smith Taekwondo Academy is at the forefront of cutting edge training.

We feel that the most honored position is that of an instructor. They are dedicated to giving their time and effort to pass knowledge and moral values to the next generation                      
Be it that of the 3 year old child, who through his/her fascination with Taekwondo develops self-confidence and self-esteem to the 79 year old student who gives hope and inspiration to us all. Yes, both ends of the spectrum are right here at Fort Smith Taekwondo Academy achieving excellence.

The purpose is to develop an individual's mental and physical well being through a highly  professional and deliberate method of martial arts training.
Family Friendly Martial Arts: Our Classes are suitable for individuals or parents with children. It is not unusual to see parents training with their children or teenagers.  What we teach children at Fort Smith Taekwondo Academy always reinforces what parents require of their kids.

Respect, honor, and obedience to parents is expected of children. And they are taught to never misuse Taekwondo, but to always live by the tenets they memorize and recite in each class. This is all accomplished while keeping the training fun and rewarding for them
So regardless of your age or physical condition, contact us or check out the class schedules and come by to see us. Better yet, bring your whole family by for a visit. We'll be glad to show you around and even let you try out a few moves with us.

For a valuable experience that can last a lifetime with your whole family, come join us today for martial arts training at Fort Smith Taekwondo Academy.
FSTA is a member of the World Taekwondo Alliance
All content Copyright © 2007 Fort Smith Taekwondo Academy - all rights reserved
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