Fort Smith Taekwondo Academy    
Williamsburg Square, 4120 Rogers Avenue, Suite 3-B, Fort Smith, AR 72903
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Mr. Ken Selby - Owner/Chief Instructor
3rd degree black belt started training in Taekwondo in 1975 With Grandmaster Scott McNeely at his first school in Fort Smith.
Mid 80's trained with Master Rick Stanford At his school in Fort Smith.
1990 became a red collar Assisant Instructor.
Mid 90's    First School Charleston, Ar.
1997 Instructor of the year at the U.ST.F. Training Center at Fort Smith.
1999 Choong Sil  Award and Chief  Instructor of Fort Smith Taekwondo Academy.
2001 Recipient of the True Warrior Award presented by Grand Master Scott McNeely.
Mr. Matthew Oliver - 3rd Degree Black Belt Instructor
Mr. Oliver began his Taekwondo Training as a young boy with Mr. Selby.
2001 was Regional Champion
2005 and 2006 was National Champion
2006 and 2008 International Champion.


Mr. Ken Wilson - 2nd Degree Black Belt
Assistant Instructor
A seasoned TKD tournament competitor and judge, Mr. Wilson is excellent at working with students of all ages. His family represents generations of martial artists including numerous black belts.
Both of Mr. Wilson's sons are black belts at FSTA.
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