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Belt Rank Testing is a combination of serious business, instruction, and demonstration of skills and knowledge. There's also a good measure of fun mixed in.

What you'll see on each page below is a demonstration of respect between students and instructors/judges. The higher rank students and instructors sparring with lower rank, and younger students are not out there to "beat" them. They are there to let them demonstrate their skills and to give them some pointers as needed.

When a student is obviously struggling, a quick word of instruction from a judge or instructor can often turn the difficulty into success for the student.

Each judge's and instructor's desire is to see every student succeed in advancing to the next level

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In the few minutes before testing, students get together to practice and loosen up. Great time with friends all getting ready to try hard and pull for their fellow students to succeed.
Preparing for the test, students are warmed up by stretching and other exercises. They are introduced to the judges and led in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Mastery of Forms is demonstrated by students. Every student, according to belt rank, has a specific Form to master including all moves, memorization of form meaning, number of moves, etc.
Self Defense One Step Combinations. Here the students are not competing, but working together to help each other demonstrate the self defense moves required of their belt rank level. Punches, kicks, knee and elbow strikes, joint locks, throws, and more are demonstrated.
Free Sparring is where all the practice, character development, and skill of students and instructors is demonstrated. The point in punching and kicking each other is not to injure the other student, but to score by striking specific targets. Extensive care is put forth to use control and not injure one another while vigorously sparring.
Board Breaking for Rank Testing is a suspenseful crowd pleaser. Breaking boards demonstrates a student's ability to focus and follow through with strikes. Some board breaks are basic, while others are dramatic, done with speed and flying techniques.
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